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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watching the detectives.

Cutting gas lines is horrifically dangerous, period. Also, whoever it turns out did this at the home of Congressman Perriello's brother should go to jail. They are not well.

Mark Troxell, the fight club manager from Lynchburg stepped over the line posting addresses on the web and Nigel Coleman took it up a notch when he wrote; "collateral damage" when it became clear that it was not even the CORRECT one.

That said, public persons like talk show hosts and elected representatives DO have to understand that you check a certain amount of, what other citizens expect in the way of, privacy at the door. That DOES NOT extend to their families. Immediate or otherwise.

I want any of my fellow T.E.A. Party members to understand this; I am a Constitutional Conservative who rarely ever agrees with Congressman Perriello and I work very hard to get out the information that brings the cold, hard light of fact to the metaphorical 'Emperors' new clothes'. So, I do not want my efforts and the efforts of great Central Virginians Like Dr. Charles Battig and Chris Horner (who helped derail "Cap & Trade" (hopefully for good by doing the same), to be undone because we, as a group, cannot hold on until November 2nd.

Keith Olberman-n-n-n-n doesn't need an actual story to report derogatorily on Conservatives (complete with references to his favorite rude sexual act), let's not provide him things that we cannot debunk.

I know that watching your Congressman (though I understand that Mr. Troxel lives in the 6th district) vote for the health care takeover and then go out on the town with Bart Stupak and a bunch of other Rep.'s for a "victory lap" is frustrating. However, given the extent that the President had to dish out pork to secure a victory as narrow as Tom's election over Virgil Goode was, we're winning these debates on facts and these dangerous, violent and incendiary stunts do nothing to advance that campaign and if it doesn't help, it hurts.

I feel very badly for Tom's family for being subjected to this. Let's go back to showing everyone why Constitutional Conservatism, as started by Jefferson, Madison and Monroe is right and right wins out in the end.

Thanks for all the fish!

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