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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is imitation the most sincere form of flattery in the case of Congressman Tom's statement?

By now you may have seen the video that has over 25k YouTube viewings since Thursday, the one where Congressman Perriello (D-VA05) tells a contingent of Jefferson-Area Tea Party Members (check the correct neme, Mr. Jaquith...) that; "If you don't tie our hands, we'll keep stealing." (click here to see it if you haven't) Tom is artful at picking up the 'vibe' of a crowd and giving them 'what they want.' But in this case, since the statement he begins by using a summation that I've been making for three years regarding the truth about the reasons the Obama administration and Congress are hell-bent to take over the healthcare system. (Because no one wants to be the one that has to admit to all those baby-boomers that these entitlement were concocted using a formula that had the average American living to 50, nt the current 74)  The sad part is, I have the interview segment with Tom (he visits my radio show monthly) where I present that and he disagreed with me! Oh, well. I guess I shouldn't quibble about HOW my point gets through, just that it does. Trouble with Tom is, I can't be sure he just wasn't saying that because he was facing a room full of TEA party patriots.

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