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Friday, April 3, 2009

We're all in this... individually

In radio, there is a tradition of posting the following subtle reminder to hosts; "No matter how many listeners you have, they only listen one-at-a-time." What that means is that radio, like voting, is an individual and personal experience. It's with that in mind I paraphrase to remind all of us that will be under the Charlottesville Pavilion on April 15th (3-6p) that; "No matter how many fellow conservatives there are, we are all voting one-at-a-time."

In the name of full disclosure, I am on the committee that is planning the April 15th T.E.A. Party (Taxed-Enough-Already) here in Charlottesville. (Visit the site here) I am hosting it and will be costumed as Thomas Paine (an honor for someone in my business). However, I am concerned, (much in the way a major league manager gets about a rookie pitcher) that we 'use up our best stuff' in these early innings. I was listening to Mark Lorenzoni from the Ragged Mountain Running Shop coach his runners to run at a pace so that mile one takes just as long to complete as mike 10. I think that's sage advice for everyone who is up in arms about the out-of-control socialist course the President and Congress have us on. Remember, as of this writing, the polls open in 220 days and 20 hours or 210 days after the T.E.A. parties are passing to memory. We need to manage our passion so that the same enthusiasm that has driven the 9,000 MORE delegates to represent their communities at the Republican Party of Virginia Convention (4 times as many as last years delegation) is there on November 3rd at the polls. Because as communal as this all is, and as comforting it feels to know that you are not alone in your belief in the Constitution, individual rights and responsibilities, lower taxes and smaller government. When we arrive at the voting booth, you will be standing there alone. One citizen, one vote. "No matter how many conservatives there are, we are all voting one-at-a-time."

We already see the warning signs that the usurpers are creating an image of faux-conservatism. Just yeaterday (4/2) Congressman Tom Perriello ( the way, I think the whole saying-his-name-wrong thing is getting old...) voted against the Presidents' "$1 trillion-deficit-a-year" budget. Be assured that your passion has sent a signal up the flag pole warning him that he had better look as 'conservative' as possible before he stands before us for re-election (585 days from now, but who's counting) and since they didn't need his vote, it was OK to give the appearance that he wasn't just going along on Nancy and Harry's wild ride. Forget not that he voted for the recovery and reinvestment act (and it's billions of dollars of spending) without ever reading it. These things are going to start happening more and more frequently as this years' election draw near and even more so next year. The goal; make enough of us give up the fight because 'they've heard us and are changing their ways.' Populist/Socialists (formerly the Democrats) don't know how to do that, they are just willing to wait to enact their elitist agenda. Remember, they are cock-sure that they are superior to you and beholden to care for you as Jefferson did for his slaves on Monticello. You'll live OK, but you have no freedom.

Take heart and let's pace ourselves so that, even though we are only casting one vote at a time it is to make sure we can keep it that way.


Paul said...

Joe - Just wanted to drop a quick note to say - "Keep up the great work!" I was unavailable for the Tea Party, but I heard through friends that your speech was one of the best of the night, if not the best. It all starts locally, man, and we need local voices like yours to keep all this fresh in everyone's mind. We Have Been Taxed Enough! Stop the Bail Outs! You probably don't remember but we met at the Chamber Business Expo in October - we had a good talk in the break room. Anyway, keep it up - maybe this will lead to a viable third party!

"Joe Thomas In-The-Blogosphere" said...

Thanks, Paul. You were with us in spirit at the T.E.A. Party. We sure have been taxed enough!