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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The pot calling the kettle... a racist

As we approach the one week anniversary of the Jefferson Area T.E.A. Party (and all the others, too) one thing is becoming clear to me; The "Populist/Socialists" profoundly underestimated the fervor of the Constitutionalists. This is exemplified by; The perverse and juvenile attempt to trivialize us by Keith Olbermann (...repeatedly referring to us as participants in some bizarre sexual act...); The embarrassing attempt to call us stupid as exemplified by CNN reporter (I cannot call her a journalist) Susan Roesgan and now by calling us racists as Janeane Garofalo did on Olbermann's cable access show. Notice what is missing here? Defense of the out-of-control spending? No. Defense of socialising a previously free society in the name of being the 'ruling class'? Nope. Defense of an administration the will list their own veterans ahead of illegal immigrants, drug smuggling cartels, jihadists and Somali pirates on their "terrorist watch list"? Uh-uh. (DHS Sec. Napolitano hasn't even said she was wrong. Just that the memo was 'poorly written.') An explanation why the President seems more comfortable with Socialist Dictators like Ortega, Castro and Chavez than he is with American governors like Perry, Sandford and Palin? No. What I DO hear are a lot of people who are desperately trying to hold on until November of 2010 in a desperate attempt re-distract the majority of Americans (60-70% of us are still 'center-right,' politically) who have begun to wake from their group nap and begin to turn the tide in Washington and in their home towns. These people include Chuck Smith, who is running for the House of Representatives from the Virginia Beach area. He's a staunch conservative, Marine, former Navy J.A.G. officer and, oh yes, a black man. An unapologetic one who says that the Conservative message of personal freedom ought to be ringing loudly through the ethnic communities who's residents have, or are the children of people who have, either struggled to flee their impoverished native lands (many lead by the previously mentioned dictators) of overcome our own "Government-program-that-made-things-worse," the Jim Crow Laws. He sees that what is really happening is a new form of slavery, where honest, hard-working people are sold a fable that says that they are incapable of understanding such a complex world and they need to be looked out after by the elite class of modern-day plantation-owners. Is he a racist? We're not against the President because he's BLACK, Janeeane. We're against him because he's RED.

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