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Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, our (VA-05) Congressman has, in response to the Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision, introduced legislation to: (from his press release) "ban such activity by corporations whose shareholders include any foreign nationals." Tom Perriello introduced H.R. 4523, the Save Our Democracy From Foreign Influence Act of 2010, to close a dangerous loophole that “would appear to afford the same protection to multinational corporations controlled by foreigners as to individual Americans,” as stated in Justice John Paul Stevens’ dissent.

For this post, I'll skip the obvious questions regarding George Soros and skip to the more troubling proof in this; Tom believes that the citizens of the United States are too... shall we say, unsophisticated... to avoid being manipulated by a glossy mailer (Of which HE sends many. Paid for by you and me.) or a salacious TV/radio/newspaper ad (Like the one that told voters that Virgil Goode wanted to raise your taxes 23%). This is a genetic trait of the despotic statists that are all the rage in the Democrat party.

What, I might ask, would have happened to Al Gore had this law been on the books when he made those late night visits to that Buddhist monastery and collected all that Chinese campaign money for him and Bill? What we are short of is not judicious citizens who cannot be swayed by jazzy ad campaigns. We are short of elected representatives with the strength of will to stand up against contributors who's agenda is to curry favor with the decision-makers to make themselves more money. But, if you REALLY want to end that, then you want a truly Constitutionally-Conservative government. You see, these influence peddlers thrive on centralized power and money (Charlottesville's own Tommy J. said a thing or two warning us of these dangers, I believe.) and if we return our governance to a bottom-up system, they cannot possibly bribe enough people to have even a fraction of their current pull. Help us decentralize and the corruption/influence-peddling/pork peddling dies.

Maybe Tom will see the sense in this, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm hanging my hopes on the "Class of 2010."

What's truly ironic is, that it's abundantly obvious that these people like Tom Perriello are all for protecting you from these ads when they might be used against THEM.

"So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

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Clay Ramsay said...

Joe, thank you for your excellent blog, and all you do on the radio and for the Tea Parties. You and Rob Schilling are great blessing to the Charlottesville community.

The same cannot be said for Tom Periello, who is determined to vote against the interests of his constituents. The speed with which he came up with this bill suggests that he is nothing but a White House lackey. If he is truly concerned about "undue influence", he should sponsor a bill that would require all congressional bills to include a statement of the specific constitutional authority for the bill. 95% of all lobbyists would leave Washington like rats abandoning a sinking ship, if the Federal government were limited to the enumerated powers. But Periello prefers to represent lobbyists than his own constituents.