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Monday, August 24, 2009

"It's a bit nutty." - A. Powers

Once finished getting a legal education at U.Va thanks to the G.I. Bill, Mike Stark has moved on to No-Va to continue promoting his socialist agenda and stopped calling my show to rant. He was back in his collegiate stomping grounds at Congressman Tom Perriello's town hall meeting in Charlotttesville (Which he misidentifies in his blog entry as a "tea party." Wouldn't Tom have been surprised!) and tried to turn the table on me. He wanted to corner me into tripping over my ideology and my healthcare reform plan (The one Eric Cantor, Diana Furghcott-Roth and Grace-Marie Turner said was so brilliant but Tom misunderstood.) but was unsuccessful so therefore claims to have "taken it easy" on me. Before you go read this or watch me brilliantly spar with him on video, I should warn you that several things that his readers said about me are not suitable for younger readers.

"A bag of tea with Joe Thomas"

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